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Chennai-Mangalore Express to run every day

Due to change in the advance reservation period to 120 days, trains 12685/12686 Chennai Central-Mangalore-Chennai Central expresses that is running six days a week will be converted to a daily express starting from August 20 in Mangalore and August 21 from Chennai Central. Train 16043 Puducherry-Mangalore weekly express which departs from Puducherry on Tuesdays will leave on Fridays from August 17, and train 16044 Mangalore-Puducherry weekly express that presently leaves Mangalore on Mondays will leave on Saturdays from August 18.

Another engineering student kills self in Chennai

A 19-year-old engineering student of Anna University committed suicide on Tuesday, leaving behind a note attributing her action to failure in exams.

S Dhyriyalakshmi (in pic), a first year student of BE civil engineering, hanged herself in her room number 10 of at Kondrai hostel in Kotturpuram, police said.

Devilstorm blows away Chennai

A look around the packed Ferozshah Kotla during its first IPL match of the season and you wonder whether Delhi has such a strong Chennai Super Kings support base that has turned up waving thousands of yellow balloon-sticks.
And strangely enough, they are sporting enough to even cheer the fall
of CSK wickets! But a closer look reveals this mighty army is actually rooting for Delhi Daredevils — it’s just that the cellular company, that has armed the fans with these, have the same colours as the visiting team on Tuesday night.

Gadkari attacks Delhi govt on graft

Joining the campaign for municipal polls, BJP president Nitin Gadkari on Tuesday launched a blistering attack on Delhi government accusing it of involvement in large scale corruption, and promised a clean civic administration if his party was voted back to power.

The BJP president released a dossier listing 35 alleged scams and cases of corruption involving Delhi Government and slammed it for ignoring findings of Prime Minister-appointed Shunglu Committee and Comptroller and Auditor General examining alleged irregularities in hosting of the CWG.

Chennai Cheetahs destory Bhopal Badshahs 4-1

Chennai Cheetahs scored an emphatic 4-1 victory over Bhopal Badshahs to register their third straight win in the Bridgestone World Series Hockey tournament here on Tuesday.

In all counts, it was a convincing win for the hosts as they controlled the game well and managed to gain nine penalty corners despite a strong defence and excellent saves from goalkeeper Baljit Singh. After Pakistani centre-half Waseem Ahmed drew the first blood in the third minute, Pakistan’s ace drag flicker Syed Imran Warsi found the equaliser from their third penalty corner in the fifth minute.

Chennai traffic police plan Rs 150 crore makeover

Chennai traffic police (CTP) has embarked on a Rs 150 crore project to detect traffic violators, facilitate flow of emergency vehicles and VVIP convoys and allow offenders to pay fines online using credit cards.

The new project, that is expected to integrate the existing system into its fold, envisages the estbalishment of a citywide state-of-the-art wireless network, installation of automatic number plate readers (ANPRs), pan tilt zoom surveillance cameras at 100 traffic junctions and the setting up of a control-and-command centre at the new police commissioner’s office building.

Mumbai Marines brings down Chennai Cheetahs

Chennai Cheetahs suffered its second defeat in four matches in its first appearance on home turf when Mumbai Marines claimed full points with a 4-2 victory in the World Series Hockey (WSH) at the Mayor Radhakrishnan Stadium on Tuesday.

Before a fairly large crowd and amidst a festive ambience, the Chennai squad failed to consolidate the splendid start provided by the Pakistani star Imran Warsi.

Bandh strikes no chord with Chennai

The national strike call given by 11 major trade unions and supported by 5,000-odd smaller ones across the country on Tuesday came a cropper in Chennai. As against the unions’ threats to paralyse road transport in the city, MTC buses plied right from the morning.

“I was worried that I may have to take leave because of the strike,” said G S Balaji, a resident of Chromepet, who works in Parrys. “I tried my luck and found my usual MTC bus on time.”

Deepika denies being offered Chennai Express

A lot of rumours have been doing the rounds about how Deepika will be doing Rohit Shetty’s Chennai Express opposite SRK. But Deepika claims that she hasn’t even been approached for the role yet. More >

Chennai set to get second airport

Chennai may soon have a second airport. Airports Authority of India (AAI) has proposed a greenfield airport at Sriperumbudur that would accommodate 5 million passengers a year. Kancheepuram district collector Hanish Chhabra said: “Land acquisition is on for several projects, including the airport.”

“Chennai will be the first city in the country to have two international airports,” AAI chairman V.P. Agrawal said.